Happy Housewarming Gifts for Clients

Buying a new home or renting a new place is an exciting occasion and calls for celebration! If you work in real estate, this is a great opportunity for building a lasting connection with your clients with a thoughtful housewarming gift. Not only will gifting clients something to celebrate their new home make them remember you, but it also sets you apart from the competition and could lead to recommendations.  

Here’s why giving housewarming gifts is great for your business and some recommendations for gifts your clients will love.  


Why Give Housewarming Gifts 

When a client buys or sells a home, or rents a new place, they have countless choices of real estate agents and organizations to choose from to help. By providing excellent service, including thoughtful gifts for your real estate clients, you’ll gain referrals and repeat business the next time they’re ready to move. A housewarming gift is a great way to stand out from your competition in a positive way. 
A unique gift will help keep your and your relationship with your client top of mind when they’re renting, buying, or selling again, or talking to people in their lives about which agent to use. It’s an easy way to promote your service and a relatively inexpensive way to go above and beyond for your clients.  
Beyond being good for your business, a gift can help your client have a positive experience during the moving process. Selling a home or moving into a new place can be stressful, and a gift featuring snacks they’ll love will give them one less thing to worry about. And since moving can be a nostalgic and important experience, a gift helps you show empathy and kindness to clients and help you make a lasting impression.  


How to Gift Your Clients 

A gifting strategy will help ensure you’re remembered by clients and increase the likelihood they’ll recommend you to friends, family, and co-workers. Our gifting specialists are ready to help you get started and take the stress out of corporate gifting. Plus, our trusted brand and high-quality gifts available at every price point will ensure you’re gifting with confidence!  
So, what and when should you gift your clients? We’ve gathered some recommendations to help get you started. 


Closing Gifts 


A gift at closing, like our Deluxe Centrepiece Gift Basket, is a great way for real estate agents to welcome clients to their new home.  
Or, check out: 
70015 Hearty Holiday Medley 
70065 Joyful Celebration Gift Box 


Open House Gifts 

Scheduling an open house or showings is a big step in the home selling process. Celebrate this milestone with clients by gifting them our Deluxe Hickory Collection 
Or, check out: 
70143 Milk Chocolate Caramels with Sea Salt 


Lease Renewal Gifts 

Perfect for property managers! When a loyal tenant renews their lease, or reaches a special anniversary of renting your space, celebrate that relationship with a gift like our Temtpting Tastes Assortment! 
Or, check out:  
70071 Special Delivery 
70238 Colossal Cashew Tin 


Referral Gifts 

When someone you know recommends your business, or when a connection recommends a new client for you, show your appreciation with a referral gift like our Holiday Sweets & Snacks Gift Basket!  
Or, check out: 
70178 Snowflake Pretzels 
Ready to kick off your corporate gifting program? Reach out to our business gifting specialists and we’ll help you get started!