The Best Snacks for Your Virtual Movie Watch Party

If social distancing has you missing friends and family, hosting a virtual watch party is a great way to connect! Pick your all-time favourite movie or a show you’ve been excited to binge, invite your favourite people, and let the party begin.

There are so many ways to enjoy your favourite streaming content with friends and family. Try hosting a Netflix Party with your best friends to check out the latest true crime documentary or summer blockbuster. Catch up with your parents through FaceTime or Zoom while bingeing the family’s favourite show. Or, turn your weekly book club meet up into a virtual viewing of a really great film adaptation. There are plenty of apps and streaming services to choose from, so pick the one that works best for you and your group.

But, don’t forget to make your watch party feel a little more special than your normal nightly TV session. Pick up your favourite drink and have your favourite snacks delivered and treat your Netflix watch party like a virtual happy hour with your friends. Or, set out all your favourite treats so the family can snack until the end credits roll.

Treat yourself to some gourmet gifts from Hickory Farms to up the snack ante for yourself and your household. Here are some of our favourite picks for your virtual watch party.

Hot & Spicy Gift Box

Want to turn up the heat at your viewing party? This meat and cheese gift box is packed with spicy favourites like sausage, cheese, and mustards. Stack them up on top of crackers for a delicious bite that packs tons of savoury flavour with just a bit of burn.


Spirit Of The Season Gift Basket

Add a touch of sophistication to your watch party by creating a gourmet charcuterie spread. Use the summer sausages, cheeses, and mustards in this gift basket to create endless flavor combinations. Our Shortbread Fingers made a delightfully light, sweet dessert option. Enjoy with a generous glass of your favourite wine or beer!


Deluxe Hickory Collection

Create the perfect snack spread with this collection of our classic meats, cheeses and mustards. Pile them high on our delicious golden toasted crackers for countless flavour combinations to choose from! Decadent Belgian Chocolate Truffles add a sweet touch!


Sweet & Salty Nut Sampler

Mixed nuts are a great go-to party snack, and this sampler has something to satisfy every kind of craving. From honey roasted, to chocolate covered, to a traditional mix, this collection of sweet and salty snacks is the perfect complement to any viewing party.

Premium Mixed Nuts

If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to snacks, this collection of gourmet nuts will not disappoint. There’s a favourite flavour for everyone at the watch party and it’s great if you’re looking to add a salty snack into the mix.


Joyful Celebration Gift Box

Featuring multiple meat and cheese varieties, to chocolates and mints, this gourmet gift box is has sweet and salty treats that are perfect to accompany even the longest binge watching session. Mix and match to create endless flavour combinations. Finish off your savoury snack with a delicious Belgian chocolate truffle or add some snow mints to a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle in for the evening!


Deluxe Centrepiece Gift Basket

Large family? You’ll have more then enough to go around with this grand gift basket! Featuring a wide variety of both sweet and savoury snacks, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Pair your treats with your favourite beverage or snuggle up with a piping hot cup of our delicious Holiday Celebration Coffee.

Find even more gourmet snacks and treats at!


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