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History Spotlight: Creating Tradition for 60 Years

For more than 60 years, Hickory Farms® has been enriching holiday celebrations with the highest quality, best tasting food gifts. Our dedication to helping you share these traditions has never been stronger. Whether you’re passing Hickory Farms along to family or helping friends start new traditions, we’re committed to helping you spread joy all year-round.

  • In 1951, young entrepreneur Richard Ransom, started selling award-winning hand-cut cheeses at county fairs in Ohio.

  • The Hickory Farms catalogue has been a long-time favorite among specialty food enthusiasts.

  • With the expansion of shopping centers in the US, Hickory Farms quickly became a favourite stop for busy shoppers.

  • We love this image from one of our advertising campaigns showing the appreciation that is felt each day across North America when a Hickory Farms gift is received.

  • It was 1996 when we introduced our Turkey Summer Sausage. This perfectly balanced union of Brown Sugar and Honey has made this a well-loved and well-shared treat for millions of our Hickory Farms fans.

  • In 2008, we started our work with the No Kid Hungry Campaign of Share Our Strength®. To-date, our customer and associates have generated more than $3.3 million to fight childhood hunger in North America.

  • In 2011, we earned the American Masters of Taste Gold Medal for having the best tasting Summer Sausage in the nation!

A Community from the Beginning

Richard Ransom founded Hickory Farms in 1951 in the pastoral farm country of Ohio. He started the company by selling hand cut cheeses at local home shows. The rich flavor and uncompromising quality were an immediate hit, and would become the hallmark of the company. Never one to rest, Mr. Ransom soon added his now famous Beef Summer Sausage to the offering. Tasty mustards and crackers soon followed.

Quick to give a hearty sample or handshake, he soon was selling at county fairs all over Michigan and Ohio. By 1959, Hickory Farms was expanding and opened its first retail store outside Toledo. This taste of the American Heartland was so special that word spread. And so did Hickory Farms stores throughout the country.

Since then, the company's focus on personalized service, customer satisfaction and quality have become legendary. Countless awards have been bestowed on our wide range of products. Customers can now find their favorite sausages and cheeses here online, in catalogs and in leading supermarkets as well as in retail shopping centers throughout the Holiday Season.

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